_DSC7209US Park PoliceSteve Jones digs a hole in traffic as he corners at 17th and Independence Ave NW while leading Honor Flight Layfayette Indiana to the WWII Memorial

20180411-_DSC6626Steve JonesSteve Jones _DSC7227_DSC7227Steve Jones and Al Barnes

Today there were three hubs in town. All were escorted by the National Park Police. As my cab neared the WWII Memorial, we were stopped by Honor Flight Layfayette Indiana lead by US Park Police Officer Steve Jones--motorman extraordinaire.  The bus drivers and escorts play a delicate and almost acrobatic lunge through town.  Cool to watch and photograph from the front in the bus.  

_DSC7255_DSC7255 _DSC7257
US Park Police Motorcycle Officer Larry Holmes is as dazzling a driver but on a quieter motorcycle and cuts a cool profile. He is a regular escort with Honor Flight and this day was escorting Honor Flight Eastern Iowa.  I own a couple of motorcycles and have been riding for fifty years.  Watching these guys handle their bikes is really impressive.  Stay safe!

GOLD STAR MOMS, Layfayette, Indiana

Pam Mow and Dana Hawk have been leading the Gold Star Indiana Honor Flight for ten years. They are doing six flights this year and have made an enormous impact.  The Honor Flight impact extends throughout the family and local area as the experience revitalizes these elderly men and women.  What's not to like?    

_DSC7217Alan RossAlan Ross, Member of the DC Guild of Professional Guides  

Dana Vann and Pam Mow with Mr. Mow who I didn't have a chance to meet._DSC7229Dana Vann and Pam Mow with Mr. Mow who I didn't have a chance to meet.
_DSC7232_DSC7232 _DSC7235_DSC7235 _DSC7238_DSC7238 _DSC7239_DSC7239 _DSC7241_DSC7241 _DSC7242_DSC7242 _DSC7246_DSC7246 _DSC7247_DSC7247 _DSC7250_DSC7250 _DSC7251_DSC7251 _DSC7252_DSC7252 _DSC7253_DSC7253 _DSC7254_DSC7254


Right behind them was Eastern Iowa Honor Flight with Chuck Grassely, a long-time Senator on hand to greet the veterans.  The Marine Corp Drill Team was on hand to do the Honors.  A couple of our DCA  Reagan regulars were escorting Eastern Iowa.  

_DSC7270Senator Gressley of Iowa knows how to get a vote! Nice to know that he cares enough to take a few moments. _DSC7274_DSC7274

_DSC7289Eastern Iowa Honor Flight, April 17, 2018

_DSC7288_DSC7288 _DSC7295_DSC7295 _DSC7296_DSC7296 _DSC7301Eastern Iowa Honor Flight, April 17, 2018 _DSC7312_DSC7312 _DSC7313_DSC7313Honor Flight Reagan DCA volunteers.


20180417-_DSC737020180417-_DSC7370Tri-State Honor Flight

20180417-_DSC738620180417-_DSC7386 20180417-_DSC736420180417-_DSC7364 20180417-_DSC733020180417-_DSC7330 _DSC7337_DSC7337 20180417-_DSC733920180417-_DSC7339 20180417-_DSC736320180417-_DSC7363 _DSC7351_DSC7351 _DSC7350_DSC7350 _DSC7348_DSC7348 _DSC7357_DSC7357 _DSC7358_DSC7358 _DSC7360_DSC7360 _DSC7361_DSC7361 _DSC7369_DSC7369 _DSC7373_DSC7373 _DSC7374_DSC7374 _DSC7375_DSC7375

_DSC7382Tri-State Honor Flight at the Wall of Stars




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