Over ten Honor Flight hubs streamed into Washington this "Super Saturday" for a beautiful breezy day and 80 degree temps. The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom and the sky was a radiant blue--picture-perfect Washington, DC. You don't have to live here long to know that means heavy traffic. There were five different events scheduled on the Mall and by afternoon, it was near gridlock. Honor Flight is lucky to have the Park Police escorts.













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Dave Nichols and the Allied Airmens Preservation Society staged two jeeps along Homeland Drive enhancing the entry to the Memorial.  Sid Wade arrived having promoted himself to George Patton while John McCaskill and John Liszewski retained the historical persona they've been working with. Theresa Werner, Jenny Nunn Brawley, Kit Stevenson and James Martin and the rest of the dancers formed up the Gottaswing team. Laura Clark and Julz Espensen prepared the lipstick for planting kisses on the cheeks of delighted vets.  The first flight in was Rochester lead by the Keith Gentry and the BWI Brownies.  

Keith Gentry leading the BWI Brownies who were running back and forth escorting buses








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The efforts that the hubs and the ground crew in DC make to honor the Honor Flight Network veterans must qualify it to be the most elegant eldercare program around!  More to come on this lovely day but for the moment...ENJOY!

These are selects from this weekend's Honor Flight and I am isolating them for future print publication.  The raw images can be viewed at the Stephen R. Brown website.  I photographed from ten to two and documented five flights.
All images are copyright Stephen R. Brown 2018. _DSC7078_DSC7078 _DSC7048_DSC7048 _DSC7021_DSC7021 _DSC7050_DSC7050

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