Honor Flight:  Limited Edition Available June 2018

HONOR FLIGHT--a forty page selection of images from the last twelve years of Honor Flight Network visits was just printed, loaded on a ship and will arrive at the warehouse in Lancaster, Pa on June 15th.  The new book contains 4-inch flaps like DC PHOTO BOOK and uses the same paper for the cover and insides.  The Honor Flight edition will be shrink wrapped with the DC PHOTO BOOK.  You can pre-order through the studio.  You can preview it here or by clicking on the cover photo above.

Steve Paulsell of Honor Flight Central Missouri with veterans at the Korea look over the new Honor Flight book.

If anything, this book is a "day in the life" of an Honor Flight.  I have chosen a variety of "flight experiences" from "Super Saturdays", quiet weekday hub visits, special visits and visitors and focus on our DC volunteers who have stepped up to the plate with uncommon love.  Ultimately, the goal is to provide additional branding to hubs generous enough to give away my books and to solidify the Honor Flight experience. 

Honor Flight has been a life-changer for the 200,000 plus veterans and untold numbers of volunteers in our communities around the nation.  I hope to enhance those memories and keep them alive in the many homes and families affected so positively by the Honor Flight Network. 

I printed ten thousand DC PHOTO BOOKS. Five-thousand are shrink wrapped together with the new HONOR FLIGHT".  The case price to Honor Flights will be @$23.00 with ten books to a carton (27 pounds).  Purchases of over 100 books will get a discount price of $19.00 per book with shipping.  

The DC PHOTO BOOK (16 books to a case) and the WWII MEMORIAL(20 books to a case) books will be available separately at $20. I do not anticipate selling the HONOR FLIGHT book separately from the DC PHOTO BOOK.  

*****Prices quoted for Honor Flight and Honor Air hubs only.