bllonsfingerlakesbllonsfingerlakesThese are Jan/Feb scans which still need work It's very interesting working with these images and using digital, I am able to sometimes bring about what I saw twenty or even thirty years ago.   002srb002srbA selection of career images for a slideshow done at the Cosmos Club in January 2010. The images are a compilation of Chesapeake Bay, NGS Traveler and Book images, and work for magazines. DC PHOTO BOOK and WWII MEMORIAL: JEWEL OF THE MALL images are included.  
For the first picture, I asked a local golf course if they would let ten balloons take off from their course so that I would have the lake, the balloons, Fall color and in some of the frames boats at anchor.  For the second,  I enlisted the aid of the  local gliding club at Harris Hill . We mounted a very lightweight camera to the tie-down point on the wing and adjusted the camera's meter and the pilot of the glider in the foreground had the trip for the camera and the others flew around him in a mobile-like formation.  I was  in a small plane about two thousand feet above and  called the camera pilot of the foreground plane and told him when to trip the camera.  We managed two flights and no one got killed!  All aviation photography is fraught with peril but aviators love a challenge.  I wire my cameras to hard points in helicopters but I have found long lenses rolling around the back floor of a helicopter just waiting to fall out so that you'll be known as "that photographer!"