STEPHEN R. BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY | Herding Cats: Saturdays on the Mall

Herding Cats: Saturdays on the Mall


I was at the WWII Memorial to photograph Senator Dole yesterday. And while I intended to make a few frames and leave. Nevada and Columbus came in together and some four hours later, the last Honor Flight left and Senator Dole and I packed it up and headed home.  

Due to scheduling, I have been missing Columbus. Today I managed to meet the new Honor Flight Columbus lead Pete MacKenzie, Beth Johnson and Cindy Kanwar.  As they had not planned a group shot, they left it to me and we managed to round up ALL of the veterans which took a few minutes.  The volunteers and tourists kindly obliged my constant pleas to move back and we managed to get it done.

DSC_9378DSC_9378 DSC_9377DSC_9377

Beth Johnson has been doing an amazing job of social media and web for Honor Flight Columbus and she had her day with her today on his birthday.  Cindy Kanwar and I after many posts exchanged on Facebook finally had our selfie in person and Pete MacKenzie's daughter Melanie met the buses on Homeland Drive.  

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Senator Dole with various and sundry

DSC_9361DSC_9361 DSC_9486DSC_9486

20180609-DSC_931820180609-DSC_9318  Jon Yuspa's mom

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