Stephen R. Brown has been a professional photographer and writer for forty-five years. His images and articles on photography have appeared in Smithsonian, Life, Newsweek, Time, etc. His work has been exhibited in "Indelible Images: 100 Years of War Photography" and "Odyssey: 100 Years of NGS Photography." In the last decade, he has developed eight titles which have sold over 250,000 books.  He is a member of the White House News Photographers Association since 1982.

The books are available in print and fixed-layout ePub formats in both the Apple and Kindle formats.

Discounts are available in case quantities. Used in marketing campaigns for the city and by tour groups seeking a lasting impression, they make wonderful memorabilia.  They are available through the studio and at bookstores on the National Mall. Images from the WWII MEMORIAL book were recently displayed at the Women's Museum in Arlington Cemetery. All the books are updated on a yearly basis so they are the latest and most lavish of their genre. Images are available as large prints.  Print quality is archival and color saturation superior. 


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