STEPHEN R. BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY | Cherry Blossoms for 2017

Cherry Blossoms for 2017

Stephen R. BrownStephen R. BrownNational WWII MEMORIAL FROM JEWEL OF THE MALL

I am publishing a "mini book" of Cherry Blossom images.   It should be available in mid May.   Like every DC based photographer, the Blossoms are a rite of Spring (some may say Passage) that we attend to.  I am late for this season but prefer to think of myself as early for 2017!  Most of the images were made with a Nikon camera modified by Life Pixel.  The combination makes for a rich visual experience and unusual views of the Blossoms.  The cover of the book is going to be printed on Linen stock while the cards inside will be on a flat stock.  The cards are detachable and I think it will make a nice gift item.  Due end of May, I am looking forward to introducing them to the market.  The proofs below arrived today and I am very pleased with the color and the way the infrared works with the blossoms. . 

cherryblossomproofIMG_5801cherryblossomproofIMG_5801National WWII MEMORIAL FROM JEWEL OF THE MALL


Susan Cook(non-registered)
Is your book of the Cherry Blossoms available for purchsase?
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