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Honor Flight:  Limited Edition Available

HONOR FLIGHT--a forty page selection of images from the last twelve years of Honor Flight Network arrived and is sorted and shipping.   

This book is a "day in the life" of an Honor Flight.  I have chosen a variety of "flight experiences" from "Super Saturdays", quiet weekday hub visits, special visits and visitors. The focus is on our DC volunteers who have stepped up to the plate with uncommon love.  It will provide additional branding to hubs generous enough to give away my books and to solidify the Honor Flight experience. 

The new book contains 4-inch flaps like DC PHOTO BOOK and uses the same paper for the cover and insides.  The Honor Flight edition will be shrink wrapped with the DC PHOTO BOOK.  You can pre-order through the studio or the website.  Preview the book by clicking on the cover photo above. I am using The Jay Group to warehouse and ship and so books ordered by Wednesday will be delivered Monday/Tuesday of the following week and tracking will be sent the day they are shipped.

Steve Paulsell of Honor Flight Central Missouri with veterans at the Korea look over the new Honor Flight book. Honor Flight has been a life-changer for the 200,000 plus veterans and untold numbers of volunteers in our communities around the nation.  I hope to enhance those memories in the many homes and families affected so positively by the Honor Flight Network. 

I printed ten thousand DC PHOTO BOOKS. Five-thousand are shrink wrapped together with the new HONOR FLIGHT".  The case price to Honor Flights will be @$23.00 with ten books to a carton (27 pounds).  Purchases of over 100 books will get a discount price of $19.00 per book with shipping.  

The DC PHOTO BOOK (16 books to a case) and the WWII MEMORIAL(20 books to a case) books will be available separately at $20. I do not anticipate selling the HONOR FLIGHT book separately from the DC PHOTO BOOK.  

*****Prices quoted for Honor Flight and Honor Air hubs only.

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Marine Corps Silent Drill Team August 8, 2018 Marine Corps Silent Drill TeamThe Marine Corps Silent Drill Team perform on the plaza of the Lincoln Memorial. If you watch closely, just before they begin throwing rifles, they do a little "sleight of hand" and take off the bayonets. Phew!

As Honor Flight inevitably shifts its focus to Korea and Vietnam, the plaza of the Lincoln Memorial has become a great place to stage a show for the veterans.  The Marine Corps Silent Drill Team has been out for the last few Chicago trips.  The first time I photographed it,  I mentioned to Mary Pettinato that it was a shame that the background was cluttered with tourists.  Presto....she has cleared the background of pedestrians by having guardians stretch out ropes and ask people to stay to the sides.  

AwesomenessMary Pettinato, Vincent Wilson and Theresa Werner pose for a picture after a well-orchestrated visit to the Lincoln, Vietnam and Korea Memorials complete with ice cream handed out to the vets

Anne Howington and Theresa WernerAnne is a nurse who travels from Tennessee to Chicago for HFC flights. Theresa Werner is the organizer along with boyfriend James of "Honor Flight in support of HFC" which raised $10000.00 this year in addition to dancing at numerous events. Jenny Nunn BrawleyJenny is the "Flight Coordinator" for HFC and managed to entice General Colin Powell to two HFC events as well as organize the 275 people on the trip.






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HONOR FLIGHT CHICAGO WITH GENERAL POWELL 20180808-_DSC1040General Colin PowellJust arriving at the Memorial

Honor Flight Chicago was out in force yesterday with one hundred Korean veterans and easily twice as many Guardians, Medics, Police Escorts, Water Bearers, 14 Radio Wearers, and Photographers. I met them at the Air Force Memorial. Most of the guardians are regulars so everything is very precise.

When told General Powell was going to meet us at the WWII Memorial, I took a cab over to meet him.  I have found it helpful to explain to dignitaries what will be happening and try to form a course of action to allow them to shake as many hands as possible. If they are comfortable and you provide an exit strategy, they'll be back. General Powell is a regular and Chicago has been lucky to get him as he is often traveling.

20180808-_DSC1046 20180808-_DSC1046 20180808-_DSC1046

Having worked with him before, we allowed the veterans to start assembling for the ceremony and followed them in. This was our most successful photo voyage to date as he was able to shake the hand of EVERY veteran and quite a few guardians and active service members.

Hence our historic "fist bump"!  

As I am not a veteran, I don't feel comfortable with saluting but in the photo corps, it's the "bump" and the bump it was!  Steven Pearson caught it and it is now my profile picture.  Thank you Steven Pearson!

@Steven Pearson 2018 General Powell and I "fist bump" after a successful photo round with several hundred people. Fast pace with many pictures.

As we were leaving, he paused under the Eagles for a minute and looked back on the ceremony.  Looked like he was thinking of blowing off the day...interesting...  

Hmmm....I wonder if he'd like to be a guardian?

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Senator Bob Dole June 9, 2018 20180609-DSC_947420180609-DSC_9474

I went down to the Memorial yesterday to visit with Senator Dole.  The last time I saw him was with Jeff Miller in December when he received the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor at the Capitol.  He was then surrounded by a "bipartisan" group:  Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer etc... Both sides of the political isle filled the Capitol Dome for the event. 

Today he was looking relaxed in khakis. He spent four hours greeting and posing with veterans, tourists, and generally anyone who came by.  I have been working with him on the WWII Memorial for the last sixteen years. He supported my presence on the site during construction and over the years has been very supportive to Honor Flight. That would be an understatement!  

When we gathered for the first Summit, he was there.  He cut the first TV spot for Honor Flight and helped make other footage available for other Honor Flight productions.  At his law firm where he is called "The Boss", his "rainmaking speeches" often turn into Honor Flight pitches. He is relentless.

I have been at a couple of gatherings where he has been asked to talk about politics only to watch him immediately stray over to his favorite subject:  "Honor Flight."  Ask him a question about ice cream and he'll tell you about Honor Flight.  Mention the traffic and he'll tell you about Honor Flight.  He is by far the most resilient and determined individual I know.  I hope a bit of it rubs off.


DSC_9340DSC_9340 DSC_9342DSC_9342 DSC_9368DSC_9368 DSC_9376DSC_9376 DSC_9486DSC_9486

DSC_9494DSC_9494 DSC_9501DSC_9501 _DSC9204_DSC9204 DSC_9281DSC_9281 DSC_9288DSC_9288 DSC_9306DSC_9306


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Herding Cats: Saturdays on the Mall 20180609-DSC_941920180609-DSC_9419

I was at the WWII Memorial to photograph Senator Dole yesterday. And while I intended to make a few frames and leave. Nevada and Columbus came in together and some four hours later, the last Honor Flight left and Senator Dole and I packed it up and headed home.  

Due to scheduling, I have been missing Columbus. Today I managed to meet the new Honor Flight Columbus lead Pete MacKenzie, Beth Johnson and Cindy Kanwar.  As they had not planned a group shot, they left it to me and we managed to round up ALL of the veterans which took a few minutes.  The volunteers and tourists kindly obliged my constant pleas to move back and we managed to get it done.

DSC_9378DSC_9378 DSC_9377DSC_9377

Beth Johnson has been doing an amazing job of social media and web for Honor Flight Columbus and she had her day with her today on his birthday.  Cindy Kanwar and I after many posts exchanged on Facebook finally had our selfie in person and Pete MacKenzie's daughter Melanie met the buses on Homeland Drive.  

DSC_9490DSC_9490   srbcindysrbcindy 20180609-DSC_936220180609-DSC_9362

Senator Dole with various and sundry

DSC_9361DSC_9361 DSC_9486DSC_9486

20180609-DSC_931820180609-DSC_9318  Jon Yuspa's mom

DSC_9308DSC_9308 DSC_9422DSC_9422 DSC_9442DSC_9442 DSC_9487DSC_9487 DSC_9491DSC_9491 20180609-DSC_950120180609-DSC_9501

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Honor Flight Chicago 6/6/2018 Honor Flight ChicagoRob Williamson and I made this photograph today with the help of the 100 plus volunteers who kept the background clear. Great day and ice cream right on the Lincoln Memorial Plaza. Living in Paradise!

Fooled 'em again.  Rob Williamson and I with the help of all one hundred plus volunteers to keep the area clear were able to make this photograph just before the Drill Team arrived.  It was a spectacular day with wonderful clouds, a great breeze and amiable vets and volunteers.  I am thinking of entering this photograph in the prestigious "Herding Cats" contest held every year.

_DSC8889_DSC8889 _DSC8891_DSC8891 _DSC8886_DSC8886 _DSC9029_DSC9029 _DSC9056_DSC9056 _DSC9064_DSC9064 _DSC9069_DSC9069 _DSC9085_DSC9085 _DSC9087_DSC9087 _DSC9092_DSC9092 _DSC9094_DSC9094 _DSC9095_DSC9095 _DSC9096_DSC9096 _DSC9101_DSC9101 _DSC9106_DSC9106 _DSC8905_DSC8905 _DSC8922_DSC8922 _DSC8926_DSC8926 _DSC8952_DSC8952 _DSC8988_DSC8988 _DSC9055_DSC9055 _DSC9054_DSC9054

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Honor Flight West Central Florida 6-5-2018 A beautiful day and in need of a walk I headed down to the Lincoln Memorial where I finally had the opportunity to photograph Honor Flight West Central Florida.  Bev Frey and April Dennis and I always see each at the Summit every years but never get together on the Mall so this was special.  With red flag in hand, Bev and Matt their photographer lead the group out on to the Lincoln Memorial Plaza and began to set up the group shot. I love watching...especially as I am not "herding cats."

_DSC8735_DSC8735 _DSC8736_DSC8736 20180605-_DSC875420180605-_DSC8754

Tami Stieger was photographing for Florida so I was free to wander and chat. I am really a better chatterer than I am a photographer and I love talking to veterans but also the volunteers. Their stories of how they got involved in Honor Flight are always cool and they are routinely cool people.  The guardians and volunteers make it all work and I always marvel at the enormous amount of energy and organization that goes into an Honor Flight beginning with "follow the orange flag."  


20180605-_DSC877520180605-_DSC8775 I am beginning to collect a series on wheelchair repairs at the Lincoln.  I think by the next Summit, I'll have fleshed out my collection. Note the snazzy fluorescent yellow pain.  Easy to find and a racy color. There was a short period in Honor Flight's history where one of the electric scooters manufacturers got involved with Honor Flight.  It ended quickly as the vets when given the choice of the "rabbit" or the "turtle" always pushed the rabbit and terrorized the Mall.  Good stuff. One guy ran over Senator Dole's foot.  That was pretty classic...and also ended the brief life of the scooter in Honor Flight history.  Now everyone carries their own chairs and Missouri has custom banners, Chicago has stenciled backs. And when you look underneath the bus and see the rows of chairs, you realize just how driven Honor Flight is to get veterans to see the Memorials.



Getting my 10,000 steps in, I walked both to the Lincoln and Korea Memorials photographing a lot of veterans whose guardian was a son or daughter.  Hard to make a bad picture!


_DSC8799_DSC8799 _DSC8787_DSC8787 _DSC8777_DSC8777 _DSC8784_DSC8784 _DSC8785_DSC8785 _DSC8791_DSC8791 _DSC8792_DSC8792 _DSC8804_DSC8804 _DSC8806_DSC8806

I noticed groups of orange shirts appearing from the path that leads to the WWII Memorial and started down that way only to find myself chatting with Deb Wickenham of Flag City Honor Flight.  She also had the Mission Barbecue truck and tent set up for lunch and much for the calories I walked off.  Nice chat at lunch with a fellow who was keeping his guardian on guard!

_DSC8835_DSC8835 _DSC8840_DSC8840

And as I walked the final couple of hundred yards to the WWII Memorial Plaza, nine Honor Flight buses appeared within the space of fifteen minutes and so did several groups of school children who all seemed to know they should line up to greet the veterans and so they did.  

_DSC8855_DSC8855 _DSC8852_DSC8852 _DSC8858_DSC8858 _DSC8865_DSC8865 _DSC8857_DSC8857 _DSC8861_DSC8861 _DSC8862_DSC8862

Happy BirthdayThis fellow was accompanied by his daughter who's birthday it was. Nice way to spend some time!

More to come...Chicago is on its way in and they don't make days like this anymore so lets take advantage of it!  Living in Paradise!

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SUPER WEDNESDAY HONOR FLIGHT 5_23_2018 _DSC8514Three large Honor Flights on Homeland Drive
I was delighted to be invited by Scott Knauf to visit with Upper Peninsula Honor Flight. I headed down to the WWII Memorial thinking it would be a slow day but when I arrived, the Mall was jammed with school children and tourists and Homeland Drive was packed with the buses. The Park Police came through and within minutes, the only buses left were from Northeast Indiana, Upper Peninsula and Old Glory Honor Flights. Liberty Phillips of "" took the initiative and directed the school children to line the walkway and so we had a great cheering entry into the Memorial. The Phillips sisters have been visiting with Honor Flights for sometime and certainly enhance the Memorial ambiance.

20180523-_DSC845720180523-_DSC8457 _DSC8469_DSC8469

_DSC8471_DSC8471 Sidney Wade and Senator Debbie Stabenow at the entry to the WWII Memorial

Senator Debbie Stabenow and reenactor Sidney Wade were on hand to greet veterans  I have always advocated more media on the flights and all the flights had great photographers and videographers and even live media throughout the day.  Great stuff! I've been looking through the images and video created to promote the hub websites and it's impressive.  

20180523-_DSC8474Honor FlightA lone veteran walks the gauntlet o of cheers, handshakes and hugs

20180523-_DSC8486Upper Peninsula Honor FlightAll the Honor Flights are getting more sophisticated. This group shot was transmitted with a logo within an hour of being taken.

_DSC8497WWII VeteranThis WWII Veterans with his daughter and the only WWII Vet on the flight. _DSC8479_DSC8479

20180523-_DSC8517Upper Peninsula and Northeast IndianaScott Knauf, Brent Roddy , Ramprat Turiff and Liberty Phillips — with Liberty Phillips.



_DSC8526Korea Memorial 20180523-_DSC853120180523-_DSC8531

As I wandered past the Lincoln to the Vietnam Wall, I literally walked into this image set up by Diane McDonald and Tami Stieger and grabbed a frame.  Moving along I ran across Drew McDonald and a couple of his guys do a quick tire change on a Wheelchair.  I am impressed! It's the constant "little things" that distinguish all the hubs.

_DSC8565PIT STOPOld Glory mechanics can change a wheelchair on the road. Preparation is 90 percent...

_DSC8573_DSC8573 _DSC8580_DSC8580

The young soldier below was with her father who had composed a set of notes which she read by the name of everyone of his fallen comrades.  it was moving to see her do what he couldn't bring himself to do.

_DSC8583_DSC8583 20180523-_DSC8590father/daughter

20180523-_DSC857820180523-_DSC8578 Linda and Drew McDonaldThe President and Board of Old Glory Honor Flight.


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As I stepped out of my cab, Honor Flight of ND/MN was just getting into formation for a photograph.  It was perfectly balanced between the fountains and their photographer was the first I have seen to use small studio lights on the veterans.  I am anxious to see how it works out.  

20180521-_DSC8335Honor Flight of MN/NDHonor Flight of MN/ND used to WDAY and has reformed. Good news!

20180521-_DSC833820180521-_DSC8338 20180521-_DSC834820180521-_DSC8348 20180521-_DSC833920180521-_DSC8339


20180521-_DSC8393Wreaths left by Honor Flights
Yesterday, I was invited by David Phelps of Never Forgotten Honor Flight to visit with them at the WWII Memorial. They had given out DC PHOTO BOOK the night before and announced that I would be there so I ended up with lots of praise. It's nice to get feedback (particularly positive). It was apparent that the book served as an introduction to the day but also serve as a way to tell the story of the day.  I ended up conducting a small tour around the Memorial with two veterans and their guardians.  I forget what a great adventure working on the WWII Memorial was and this brought it back.  Living in Paradise!

20180521-_DSC8369Why Park Police Escorts!Two flights--one loading and the other unloading--take up Homeland Drive
The first thing Dave Phelps did was head over to the Eastern boundary (17th Street NW) of the WWII Memorial to make sure there weren't any "runners"!  Brian Ziegler and Jody McCain of Badger Honor Flight do the same and it's an excellent idea.  These veterans are an independent lot and it's nice to make sure we return with everyone! This caution and planning go into every aspect of the flight and watching the buses being unloaded, the wheelchairs placed, wheels locked, water and drinks out and guardians and medics in place, I am struck by everyone's efficiency as it's the key to a successful day.

20180521-_DSC8374David Phelps 20180521-_DSC8374David Phelps



Thanks for the time and the conversation.  The images are as always downloadable for personal use of Honor Flight participants.  

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BADGER HONOR FLIGHT May 12, 2018 20180512-_DSC781920180512-_DSC7819

I took up Brian Ziegler and Jody Babler McClain of Badger Honor Flight on their invitation to do a "ride along".  Once at the airport, I had the great pleasure to see and photograph DCA Honor Flight Volunteers Lauren Burycka,Patricia HarrisMaria TemiquelCheryl RickardsNancy Griffith, ready to support the incoming Honor Flight Network hubs.  

20180512-_DSC782420180512-_DSC7824 20180512-_DSC782520180512-_DSC7825

DCA Honor Flight is a dedicated and loving group of people who provide support both at the airport and as guides and volunteers the many incoming flights. Music, patriotism, cute kids...all the things a photographer needs to have an easy day in Paradise! 

20180512-_DSC791520180512-_DSC7915 20180512-_DSC792420180512-_DSC7924 20180512-_DSC792520180512-_DSC7925 20180512-_DSC796420180512-_DSC7964 Oh Lucky Man!Nancy Griffith with her veteran for the day.

20180512-_DSC7901Water cannons salute the incoming Honor Flight

Every Honor Flight hub gets a water cannon salute upon arrival at Reagan, Dulles and BWI Airports.  The waiting band and crowds of excited groups is contagious and I like to photograph the veterans as they come up the ramp.  I believe that most of them are overwhelmed.

Veterans walk the ramp into a sea of fans, signs and music. Veterans walk the ramp into a sea of fans, signs and music. Veterans walk the ramp into a sea of fans, signs and music.


As we left the security area and headed to the buses, there was a long line of well-wishers with signs, handshakes and cheering to get our day going.  A great way to get started!  The buses were near the Western end of the terminal and the view of the Capitol and memorials is a great way to get oriented to the city. 


20180512-_DSC792420180512-_DSC7924 20180512-_DSC798820180512-_DSC7988

_DSC8004_DSC8004 _DSC8000_DSC8000

Carol Coy (above left) retired from American Airlines and continues to organize and supervise Honor Flight arrivals and departures.  Kerem Bilge is a Naval Officer who is also a long-time guide for many of the Honor Flights and it's always nice to have him aboard.

Solving the Traffic ProblemBeretta and gang kept us moving throughout the day. And they kept us parking as well. Fun to watch! _DSC8232_DSC8232

My job is to hang around and take pictures and while I am taking pictures, it is both inevitable and enjoyable (I hope) that we get to know each other. And so I met Cat and Margaret, mother and daughter, who for Mothers Day weekend got together and volunteered with Badger Honor Flight.  That way they got to spend the holiday together productively.  They both said that volunteering gave weight to the Holiday.  Great Stuff! 


As Badger Honor Flight is ably covered by photographer Danni Downing, I have little to do but wander around and fill in the blanks.  And at my age, I always like to feel "close" to the medical team and they were gracious in allowing me to make a few images.  


20180512-_DSC805620180512-_DSC8056 _DSC8014_DSC8014 _DSC8021_DSC8021

No matter what your condition, it seems Honor Flight is able to transport Veterans to see the Memorials. This Vet had been working for two years to get the paperwork for this trip and was determined to go despite the need for his leg to be straight out and elevated.  No man left behind.

Anyway you can!Turns out this veteran didn't mention that his leg had to be straight out and elevated all day. No problem. He apparently spent two years getting the paperwork from the VA that he needed to go on this flight so leg or no, he was determined to go.

On the Way to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 20180512-_DSC8083Father Daughter

Several Honor Flights at one time made for a full crowd at the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Arlington Cemetery.  With us was the Under Secretary of the VA and a one star woman general who was traveling anonymously and enjoying the day with her veteran.  There is plenty of opportunity on these flights to get to know folks and there is a camaraderie that makes for an excellent time.  

Brian and Under Secretary of the VA. Father/Son

20180512-_DSC807720180512-_DSC8077 Jody and Lauren

Veterans and visitors inspect the memorial to the Space Shuttle Challenger located behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  

Our next stop was the Lincoln/Vietnam/Korea trio and I headed over to Vietnam to make some images. There were several Honor Flights and one was doing a flag folding ceremony by the three soldiers statue near the Vietnam.  The others were down by the wall visiting with fallen comrades and reviving memories by making etchings of the names inscribed in the stone.



20180512-_DSC822020180512-_DSC8220 20180512-_DSC820820180512-_DSC8208

20180512-_DSC819920180512-_DSC8199 20180512-_DSC819220180512-_DSC8192

20180512-_DSC818520180512-_DSC8185 20180512-_DSC817820180512-_DSC8178

Over at Korea, the nineteen figures made for a stark contrast with the wheelchair bound veterans who were visiting.  I am always moved by these enormous and stark steel figures.


As the afternoon grew hotter, we finally arrived at the WWII Memorial.

_DSC8234_DSC8234 _DSC8236_DSC8236 _DSC8237_DSC8237 _DSC8239_DSC8239 _DSC8244_DSC8244 _DSC8247_DSC8247 _DSC8248_DSC8248 _DSC8249_DSC8249 _DSC8250_DSC8250 _DSC8251_DSC8251 _DSC8252_DSC8252 _DSC8253_DSC8253 _DSC8254_DSC8254 _DSC8255_DSC8255 _DSC8259_DSC8259

9/11 MemorialCoincidentally, there were two family members of victims of the 9/11 attack at the Memorial while we were there. Brian presented Danni Downing with a beautiful campaign coin as a token of her six years of service to Badger.


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Honor Flight Chicago May 9, 2018 Today, I met Honor Flight Chicago at the Air Force Memorial. We were quickly enroute to the WWII Memorial.  On hand were greeters George Kerestes, Barbara Hoernig Singleton and Sidney Wade who  greeted the veterans as they entered the Memorial.  Before he retired, George Kerestes used to come down to the WWII Memorial dressed in a suit and an American Flag tie.  I suppose it was inevitable that he holds the record for most time volunteered at the Memorial. 

20180509-_DSC7447Living HistorySidney Wade is part of a group of Living History Re-enactors who work with the National Park Service.

20180509-_DSC753820180509-_DSC7538 George Kerestesfore he retired, George Kerestes used to come down to the WWII Memorial dressed in a suit and an American Flag tie.  I suppose it was inevitable that he holds the record for most time volunteered at the Memorial.  _DSC7458_DSC7458

This is Honor Flight Chicago's eighty-fourth flight and my eightieth visit with them. Jenny Brawley was in charge of todays flight and her plans went very smoothly producing as always a good number of great moments! It's easy to make good images with great planning, great subjects and a picture perfect day.

Honor Flight ChicagoGroup photograph at WWII Memorial.

These are few images I grabbed of veterans during the cememony

20180509-_DSC7517-220180509-_DSC7517-2 20180509-_DSC751420180509-_DSC7514 _DSC7413_DSC7413

_DSC7507Buglers Name

OrganizedMary Pettiinato, "Ace", Jenny Brawley and Vince Wilson relax after the eighty fourth successful WWII ceremony.

John Ptak, President of Honor Flight was pointing out the sites as we sped thought traffic to the Lincoln Memorial with National Park Policeman Larry Holmes at the lead.  Not only is the police escort good for getting where you are going, it's even better for parking when you get there. When you've heard a Park Police Escort say "Dave (Nicols)...where would you like those buses?" .... you know we are in good hands. As long as Honor Flight can make this arrangement for Escort Service, we should treasure it.

_DSC7546_DSC7546 _DSC7427_DSC7427 _DSC7428_DSC7428   _DSC7432_DSC7432   _DSC7434_DSC7434 _DSC7437_DSC7437

At the Lincoln Memorial, we once again assembled on the Plaza and with the beautiful Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument in the background, the Marine Corp Silent Drill Team gave a great performance. The Marines lingered afterwards and as it turns out that one of our vets used to be on the Silent Drill Team.  

20180509-_DSC7629Marine Corps Silent Drill Team

_DSC7729_DSC7729 _DSC7736_DSC7736 _DSC7762_DSC7762

After the ceremony my assigned location for photography was the Lincoln Memorial where a few veterans and their escorts came up to see the view.  There were groups of students who approached all of the veterans up there and posed for pictures with them.  it was very touching and perhaps my favorite moment of the day.  

_DSC7776_DSC7776 _DSC7777_DSC7777 _DSC7778_DSC7778

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Honor Flight May 5, 2018 AM LIVING IN PARADISE:  AM

Saturday AM.  Court Van Sickler of Honor Flight San Antonio had started to arrange his group for a photo and so with little to do, I made these images.  I like this setup for groups because it contains a lot of symbolism...fountains, columns, Wall of Stars and the Lincoln Memorial which make the location obvious and lend the image weight.  It is also the best side for the lighting on the faces of the veterans so whether it's for presentation as a gift or for fund raising, it's worth getting a beautiful image.




While waiting for San Antonio to assemble, there was a young fellow nervously practicing his trumpet--obviously a big occasion.  He did a great job and I managed a portrait of him and his proud mom as they left the Memorial.  I keep making these small compositions of friends and family as they intrigue me. 

Ben Corker 20180505-20180505-IMG_421520180505-20180505-IMG_4215

I was delighted to see Laura Nelson Bolick who is a tireless volunteer temporarily sidelined by some knee work (obviously "sidelined" means different things to different people. She was guiding the Honor Flight San Antonio flight and I can't imagine her sidelined for anything.  George Kerestes is always on hand Wednesdays and Saturdays and has been visiting and volunteering at the Memorial for sixteen years with no option for retirement.  Vince Wilson along with James MartinTheresa Werner, Kit Stevenson and Jenny Brawley are the regular Gotta Swing group, a former Marine and both the most precise and polite gentleman I have met in a long time.  

20180505-20180505-IMG_420920180505-20180505-IMG_4209 20180505-IMG_416920180505-IMG_4169 IMG_4211IMG_4211

The Memorial was absolutely hopping at this point and San Diego arrived and we made a group photograph with their flag which in addition to being on the moon, is pretty extensively traveled.  

20180505-20180505-IMG_4245San Diego 20180505-20180505-IMG_4245San Diego

20180505-IMG_4236San Diego Honor Flight

The Usual Suspects!

IMG_4231Lauren BuryckaLauren Burycka made national news last week for carrying a veteran some seventy feet to his wife's grave in Arlington.

  IMG_4220IMG_4220 IMG_4288IMG_4288 IMG_4293IMG_4293

I finally made it to Homeland Drive where the activity had been ramping up and the Allied Airmen's Preservation Society had rolled a 1940 Packard on the entryway for display.  John Liscweksi, Sid Wade, and C. Patrick McCourt were greeting veterans and the Gotta Swing dancers were dancing about the Mall or kissing veterans.  I was still wearing mine at dinner last night. 

IMG_4250Allied Airmens Preservation Association with 1940 Packard

]]> (STEPHEN R. BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY) dc honor memorial photography travel washington wwii Sun, 06 May 2018 15:11:38 GMT
Honor Flight May 5, 2018 PM Honor Flight May 5, 2018 PM

It was nice to get out to the 9-11 Memorial to meet Stars and Stripes out of Wisconsin.  I usually miss them on Saturdays because they go the WWII Memorial last taking advantage of quiet afternoons to have the Memorial to themselves. With the size of their fleet, it's a wise idea. Stars and Stripes has always set big goals and always achieved record numbers whether thirty thousand people in Miller ballpark to watch the movie "Honor Flight" or the eight buses in two sets of four with close to four hundred people rolling around DC.  That's a lot of people to move in a day so it's ...Go big or Go Home!

Stars and Stripes has twenty board members and two hundred and fifty active volunteers. IMG_4345IMG_4345

Pentagon 9-11The Pentagon 9-11 is a beautiful Memorial and I had some time to make a few images. The trees have grown up quite a bit since my last visit and so it has a more finished feel. 

20180505-IMG_432520180505-IMG_4325 IMG_4336IMG_4336

IMG_4322IMG_4322 IMG_4331IMG_4331

We then sped over to Arlington Cemetery to watch the "Changing of the Guard" at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We were escorted by Park Police Canine officer Robert Beretta and a colleague. Don't go near the car!

IMG_4353IMG_4353 IMG_4401Officer Robert Beretta and colleague.

IMG_4334IMG_4334 20180505-20180505-IMG_4365karen in Arlington Cemetery

And while there was another Honor Flight there, the event went smoothly.  The Old Guard is tradition bound and demands respect for their work.  I've seen them dress noisy civilians down and I would prefer not to get the treatment. 

Tomb of the Unknown SoldierArlington Cemetery

IMG_4321IMG_4321 IMG_4370IMG_4370 IMG_4377IMG_4377

At the Air Force Memorial, we happened upon Randy Fogle and Tudy Giordano of Honor Flight Dallas-Ft. Worth. I very much value my Honor Flight friends as they are all special people so it was a pleasure to introduce like-minded folks.  The Air Force Memorial is one of the most relaxing Memorials as invites you to sit back, relax and take in the magnificent views framed by the three metal contrails sweeping into the sky.  

Hub MeetingAt the Air Force Memorial, I had the opportunity to introduce Randy Fogle and Tudy Giordano Dallas Fort Worth Honor Flight to Paula Nelson. They were quickly comparing notes on airline ticketing. Randy and I went back to talking about reptiles in Texas.

IMG_4416IMG_4416 IMG_4418IMG_4418 IMG_4417IMG_4417


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Honor Flight: April 28,2018 Fourteen Honor Flights were in Washington, DC on this beautiful Spring and picture-perfect day! I first dropped by the WWII Memorial where I had the opportunity to show the new sample of the HONOR FLIGHT book to the "usual suspects" who are in the book. Honor Flight Syracuse was first in and they had a ceremnony with Honor Flight Maine.

In the end, I photographed both hubs separately and we managed a few nice images which I think will work both as a gifts and promotions for the veterans and hubs. This angle is my favorite as I believe it contains an enormous amount of symbolism.  

Honor Flight Syracuse Honor Flight Maine

Gunnery Sgt. Sara Sheffield sang beautifully for us and I am always astonished at her composure and grace.  She's a recruiting poster!

IMG_3915-2Gunnery Sgt. Sara Sheffield IMG_3929-2IMG_3929-2

At the Lincoln, Blue Ridge Honor Flight put together a new ceremony which worked out perfectly but was precarious as it was a first for me. I really like my control and these big events give me heartburn.  I'd like to thank everyone involved for working with the photographers to keep the crowd at a respectful distance.  And the crowd was as you can see very respectful and greeted the veterans after the ceremony.  


Blue Ridge Honor FlightI always try to get one picture which will work as a two page spread.

Touring with an escort around DC reminds me what a beautiful city Washington, DC is.  Our bus "guide" (Guild of Professional Tour Guides) reminded us that the use of police escorts was an honor bestowed on us by a grateful nation.  And as we glided though really bad traffic on Constitution Avenue, I was feeling pretty grateful  Honor Flights have become a familiar site in town and a few boy scouts saw us and assembled for a salute! Life is good aboard an Honor Flight!

IMG_4079 IMG_4079

Back at the WWII, we were greeted by students and tourists who seem to naturally assemble along the entrance way to the Memorial. The sloping walkways seem to be a gathering place for veterans and family eager to be photographed at their state column. Frequently families fly in to DC and surprise the veteran as he or she gets off the bus. These reunions are incredibly heartwarming.  It's been reported and I have had it happen that veterans open up about their experiences during the Honor Flight.  Sometimes the vetereans just hang out and enjoy each other.  Honor Flight is a rich experience for both the veterans and the volunteers.

  IMG_4095Greeters at WWII Memorial

IMG_4096IMG_4096 IMG_4097IMG_4097 IMG_4098IMG_4098

The afternoon at the WWII Memorial concluded with a wreath laying at the Wall of Stars with two elderly veterans: one who was the last survivor of the Bataan Death March and the other who was at Iwo Jima.  Remarkable stuff and as always, I am moved and honored to be able to document these events. Living in Paradise!

IMG_4107 Wreath laying WWII MemorialOne the last survivor of Bataan Death March and the other a survivor of Iwo Jima. Jeff Miller and Paul Howell (center) organized and raised the money for the flight

I was amused today to witness both Earl and Jeff at the WWII Memorial having solemly "retired" at the Summit!  

And I'd like to recognize some of the "USUAL SUSPECTS" here.  A great group of people who leave life behind and create magic for our elderly veterans. Thanks!

IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers IMG_3915-2volunteers

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Central Missouri Honor Flight April 26, 2018 With the new copies of the new HONOR FLIGHT photo book in hand, I headed down to visit with Central Missouri Honor Flight who is featured in a couple of pages on Arlington Cemetery. It was nice to finally have a finished product.  Editing over 70,000 images proved a more difficult task than I had imagined. I am using these blogs to isolate picture for future projects.


Steve Paulsell, President of Central Missouri Honor Flight reviews the new book

I first went to the Vietnam Memorial to meet by author buddy Michele Sprye who as usual had left from the airport and gone directly to the Vietnam Memorial where she and Park Service Volunteers Bob Fano and Dan Arant were working with her to make "rubbings" from the Wall.

Michele Sprye at Korea Memorial with volunteers Bob Fano and Dan Arant. 20180426-IMG_383220180426-IMG_3832Michele Sprye at Korea Memorial


20180426-IMG_3868Sharon Paulsell and her son with Gunnery Sgt at the WWII Memorial




They are bound in a special envelope with information on the deceased and the Wall itself which is given to families at homecoming...and they do have a homecoming.  I-70 is closed for twenty five miles as are all of the adjacent roads for the three to five hundred motorcyclists who greet the flights and travel from the airport to him base with the buses. 

20180426-IMG_3868Why we fly












Sharon Paulsell's son Sam was volunteering to accompany a veteran and so the Missouri hub is a family affair with the President being Mary Paulsell, sister of Steve Paulsell (Trip Leader) who is the husband of Sharon Paulsell (Trip Coordinator).  A tight ship.  It's interesting to see how the hubs differ--in personnel, fund raising strategies, training and homecoming. 
Angela Barnes Bennett, ace photographer and ambassador of good will. 20180426-IMG_3868Sharon Paulsell and her son with Gunnery Sgt at the WWII Memorial 20180426-IMG_3868Two Missourians greeting the flight. 20180426-IMG_3868Wheelchair ramps

20180426-IMG_3868Sharon Paulsell and her son with Gunnery Sgt at the WWII Memorial 20180426-IMG_3868Congressman who came out to greet. 20180426-IMG_3868Sharon Paulsell and her son with Gunnery Sgt at the WWII Memorial 20180426-IMG_3868Sharon Paulsell and her son with Gunnery Sgt at the WWII Memorial 20180426-IMG_3868Sharon Paulsell and her son with Gunnery Sgt at the WWII Memorial 20180426-IMG_3868Sharon Paulsell and her son with Gunnery Sgt at the WWII Memorial

]]> (STEPHEN R. BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY) books central dc dc photo book flight honor memorial missouri photography travel veterans washington wwii Sat, 28 Apr 2018 02:10:59 GMT

_DSC7209US Park PoliceSteve Jones digs a hole in traffic as he corners at 17th and Independence Ave NW while leading Honor Flight Layfayette Indiana to the WWII Memorial

20180411-_DSC6626Steve JonesSteve Jones _DSC7227_DSC7227Steve Jones and Al Barnes

Today there were three hubs in town. All were escorted by the National Park Police. As my cab neared the WWII Memorial, we were stopped by Honor Flight Layfayette Indiana lead by US Park Police Officer Steve Jones--motorman extraordinaire.  The bus drivers and escorts play a delicate and almost acrobatic lunge through town.  Cool to watch and photograph from the front in the bus.  

_DSC7255_DSC7255 _DSC7257
US Park Police Motorcycle Officer Larry Holmes is as dazzling a driver but on a quieter motorcycle and cuts a cool profile. He is a regular escort with Honor Flight and this day was escorting Honor Flight Eastern Iowa.  I own a couple of motorcycles and have been riding for fifty years.  Watching these guys handle their bikes is really impressive.  Stay safe!

GOLD STAR MOMS, Layfayette, Indiana

Pam Mow and Dana Hawk have been leading the Gold Star Indiana Honor Flight for ten years. They are doing six flights this year and have made an enormous impact.  The Honor Flight impact extends throughout the family and local area as the experience revitalizes these elderly men and women.  What's not to like?    

_DSC7217Alan RossAlan Ross, Member of the DC Guild of Professional Guides  

Dana Vann and Pam Mow with Mr. Mow who I didn't have a chance to meet._DSC7229Dana Vann and Pam Mow with Mr. Mow who I didn't have a chance to meet.
_DSC7232_DSC7232 _DSC7235_DSC7235 _DSC7238_DSC7238 _DSC7239_DSC7239 _DSC7241_DSC7241 _DSC7242_DSC7242 _DSC7246_DSC7246 _DSC7247_DSC7247 _DSC7250_DSC7250 _DSC7251_DSC7251 _DSC7252_DSC7252 _DSC7253_DSC7253 _DSC7254_DSC7254


Right behind them was Eastern Iowa Honor Flight with Chuck Grassely, a long-time Senator on hand to greet the veterans.  The Marine Corp Drill Team was on hand to do the Honors.  A couple of our DCA  Reagan regulars were escorting Eastern Iowa.  

_DSC7270Senator Gressley of Iowa knows how to get a vote! Nice to know that he cares enough to take a few moments. _DSC7274_DSC7274

_DSC7289Eastern Iowa Honor Flight, April 17, 2018

_DSC7288_DSC7288 _DSC7295_DSC7295 _DSC7296_DSC7296 _DSC7301Eastern Iowa Honor Flight, April 17, 2018 _DSC7312_DSC7312 _DSC7313_DSC7313Honor Flight Reagan DCA volunteers.


20180417-_DSC737020180417-_DSC7370Tri-State Honor Flight

20180417-_DSC738620180417-_DSC7386 20180417-_DSC736420180417-_DSC7364 20180417-_DSC733020180417-_DSC7330 _DSC7337_DSC7337 20180417-_DSC733920180417-_DSC7339 20180417-_DSC736320180417-_DSC7363 _DSC7351_DSC7351 _DSC7350_DSC7350 _DSC7348_DSC7348 _DSC7357_DSC7357 _DSC7358_DSC7358 _DSC7360_DSC7360 _DSC7361_DSC7361 _DSC7369_DSC7369 _DSC7373_DSC7373 _DSC7374_DSC7374 _DSC7375_DSC7375

_DSC7382Tri-State Honor Flight at the Wall of Stars



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HONOR FLIGHT SUPER SATURDAY APRIL 14, 2018 Over ten Honor Flight hubs streamed into Washington this "Super Saturday" for a beautiful breezy day and 80 degree temps. The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom and the sky was a radiant blue--picture-perfect Washington, DC. You don't have to live here long to know that means heavy traffic. There were five different events scheduled on the Mall and by afternoon, it was near gridlock. Honor Flight is lucky to have the Park Police escorts.













_DSC7047_DSC7047 20180414-_DSC695920180414-_DSC6959






Dave Nichols and the Allied Airmens Preservation Society staged two jeeps along Homeland Drive enhancing the entry to the Memorial.  Sid Wade arrived having promoted himself to George Patton while John McCaskill and John Liszewski retained the historical persona they've been working with. Theresa Werner, Jenny Nunn Brawley, Kit Stevenson and James Martin and the rest of the dancers formed up the Gottaswing team. Laura Clark and Julz Espensen prepared the lipstick for planting kisses on the cheeks of delighted vets.  The first flight in was Rochester lead by the Keith Gentry and the BWI Brownies.  

Keith Gentry leading the BWI Brownies who were running back and forth escorting buses








_DSC7053_DSC7053 _DSC7042_DSC7042











The efforts that the hubs and the ground crew in DC make to honor the Honor Flight Network veterans must qualify it to be the most elegant eldercare program around!  More to come on this lovely day but for the moment...ENJOY!

These are selects from this weekend's Honor Flight and I am isolating them for future print publication.  The raw images can be viewed at the Stephen R. Brown website.  I photographed from ten to two and documented five flights.
All images are copyright Stephen R. Brown 2018. _DSC7078_DSC7078 _DSC7048_DSC7048 _DSC7021_DSC7021 _DSC7050_DSC7050

_DSC7038_DSC7038 _DSC7055_DSC7055 _DSC6990_DSC6990 _DSC7158_DSC7158 _DSC7026_DSC7026 _DSC7040_DSC7040 _DSC7051_DSC7051 _DSC7088_DSC7088 _DSC7059_DSC7059 _DSC7061_DSC7061 _DSC7027_DSC7027 _DSC7120_DSC7120 _DSC7164_DSC7164 _DSC7167_DSC7167 _DSC7177_DSC7177 _DSC7194_DSC7194 _DSC7069_DSC7069 _DSC7073_DSC7073 _DSC7074_DSC7074 _DSC7080_DSC7080 _DSC7081_DSC7081 _DSC7090_DSC7090 _DSC7094_DSC7094 _DSC7127_DSC7127 _DSC7154_DSC7154 _DSC7160_DSC7160 _DSC7180_DSC7180 _DSC7003_DSC7003 _DSC7047_DSC7047 _DSC7048_DSC7048 _DSC7051_DSC7051 _DSC7055_DSC7055 _DSC7074_DSC7074 _DSC7088_DSC7088

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20180411-_DSC660720180411-_DSC6607 Life is sweet!  When I need a break from DC's endless chatter, I jump on my scooter and get down to the Mall. Visiting with an Honor Flight clarifies my vision of America as it truly is--generous and kind!  It also always makes for great pictures! Hopefully Honor Flight will be the movement for which our times will be best and most remembered. I am forever an optimist and I suspect if you're reading, are you.

On Saturdays, I stay at the WWII Memorial but during the week, I've been riding the buses.  Escorted by the Park Police with wailing sirens and seemingly suicidal drives into oncoming cars, these rides fly through traffic to the delight of everyone on board. They come with snacks, friendship and camaraderie.   I try to make images that speak to family and community.  I post them in the hope they are used for personal memories and fund raising. 


_DSC6671_DSC6671 _DSC6674_DSC6674 20180411-_DSC666020180411-_DSC6660

_DSC6679_DSC6679 _DSC6680_DSC6680 _DSC6683_DSC6683 _DSC6686_DSC6686 _DSC6687_DSC6687 _DSC6692_DSC6692   _DSC6683_DSC6683 _DSC6687_DSC6687  

I met Honor Flight Chicago at the Air Force Memorial and spent some time greeting the "usual suspects" and their veterans.  We then headed over to the WWII Memorial where the veterans assembled for a group photo and ceremony performed by the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team. 


Cherry Blossom traffic had gotten bad at this point but with the help of our escorts, we moved on to the Lincoln, Korea and Vietnam Memorials.  The Marine Corps Silent Drill Team did a great job of performing and we retired to the Pavillion for ice cream.  Their next stop was the Air and Space Museum at Dulles and a meal and dancing at the Airport.  Life is good on the Honor Flight Network.  Mary Pettinato quoted one vet: "When I left this morning I was a lonely and tired old man, when I returned this afternoon, I was a proud hero ready to positively spend time with my family and community."

_DSC6862Honor Flight Chicago atHonor Flight Chicago attendees watch the Marine Corp Drill Team at the Lincoln Memorial Plaza.


_DSC6749_DSC6749 _DSC6783_DSC6783 _DSC6825_DSC6825 20180411-_DSC682220180411-_DSC6822 _DSC6656_DSC6656 _DSC6653_DSC6653 nopp20180411-_DSC6829nopp20180411-_DSC6829 _DSC6670_DSC6670 _DSC6665_DSC6665 _DSC6667_DSC6667 _DSC6676_DSC6676 _DSC6696_DSC6696 _DSC6705_DSC6705 _DSC6704_DSC6704 _DSC6708_DSC6708 _DSC6818_DSC6818 _DSC6830_DSC6830        


_DSC6709_DSC6709 _DSC6712_DSC6712 _DSC6713_DSC6713 _DSC6715_DSC6715 _DSC6716_DSC6716 _DSC6717_DSC6717 _DSC6718_DSC6718 _DSC6719_DSC6719 _DSC6720_DSC6720 _DSC6721_DSC6721 _DSC6736_DSC6736 _DSC6737_DSC6737 _DSC6738_DSC6738 _DSC6755_DSC6755 _DSC6756_DSC6756 _DSC6757_DSC6757 _DSC6758_DSC6758 _DSC6759_DSC6759 _DSC6760_DSC6760 _DSC6761_DSC6761 _DSC6762_DSC6762 _DSC6763_DSC6763 _DSC6765_DSC6765 _DSC6766_DSC6766 _DSC6767_DSC6767 _DSC6837_DSC6837

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Honor Flight April 2018 and Cherry Blossoms 20180407-_DSC642720180407-_DSC6427 _DSC6358_DSC6358

The Honor Flight season kicked off to a cold but beautiful beginning with the long-awaited Cherry Blossoms in full bloom. I was able to make a few frames without the crowds.  The Mall was in full swing with a cheerleaders, bands, and soccer players around the Washington Monument. Washington is magic in the Spring and the next few weeks are always remarkably beautiful.

20180407-_DSC634920180407-_DSC6349 20180407-_DSC651020180407-_DSC6510

Dave Nichols, George Kerestes, C. Patrick McCourt and Sid Wade were on hand to greet the hubs as they entered the Memorial.  Tourists and a high school band joined the line greeting the veterans and the hubs arrived on time despite the heavy traffic.  Seems everyone has worked out routes to avoid crowding the Memorials.  "Sparky" has a great relationship with the Park Police Escorts who have become a part of the Honor Flight day and help manage traffic along Homeland Drive.  The Rhode Island Fire Chiefs Honor Flight arrived about 10:30.

_DSC6434_DSC6434 _DSC6533_DSC6533 _DSC6437_DSC6437


Diane Gresse and Jane Julian followed with a "Lone Eagle" (terminally ill) Flight with veterans from as far away as California and Mississippi.  They all gather at the BWI Hilton and take three days to explore the city.  It is amazing that amidst the confusion of transporting all these veterans, Honor Flight has taken the time to care for these veterans who otherwise would not have the opportunity to visit the Memorials.

_DSC6506_DSC6506 _DSC6521_DSC6521

Honor Flight Columbus with Carolyn Peppe Barger, Pete MacKenzie and Susan Barr rounded up their veterans at the Wall of Stars to honor a 97 year old veteran who received a flag as their oldest veteran. He proceeded to play his clarinet for the assembly.  These amazing little scenes play out at the Memorial every day.  

_DSC6559_DSC6559 _DSC6560_DSC6560 _DSC6558_DSC6558


He was only outdone by the Ohio ballet team which were happily spelling Ohio using the Washington Memorial for the "I".  You occasionally see Ohioans on Mall doing this but rarely with the grace displayed here.


Congratulations to Jerry Kyser of Honor Flight Twin Cities who equipped with a microphone shoehorned 80 veterans in front of the Atlantic Pavillion. His photographer stood on the wall leading up to the pavilion and had all the veterans turn their heads and salute for the picture.  Well-done! I've been "herding cats" for many years and this may be my new favorite view!    


20180407-_DSC658220180407-_DSC6582   _DSC6566_DSC6566

To close out the day, we joined the Rhode Island Fire Chiefs for an early dinner at the Westin Hotel in Alexandria.  They had a banquet for their veterans and everyone got a certificate and in a time-honored tradition, "mail call" was held and with that there are always tears. We were joined by the DCA Honor Flight's Patricia Harris.  Their group does an amazing job scheduling bands, travelers and local Washingtonians at the airport.  The Park Police escorts and bus drivers were at also at dinner and were recognized as part of the family.  No man left behind! 


]]> (STEPHEN R. BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY) bob chiefs dc dole fire flight honor music ri traveler veteran washington Thu, 01 Mar 2018 15:30:00 GMT


It was a great treat to heft the weight of the new DC PHOTO BOOK.  At 160 pages and forty new pages of new memorials and monuments, it could easily have been subtitled: "A Veterans Guide to Washington, DC"..  The book will be distributed through the studio and through Honor Flight hubs.  With the transition from WWII to Korea and Vietnam by most of the Honor Flight hubs, the additions to the new book include two page spreads on

  • The Disabled American Veterans Memorial
  • The new Smithsonian African American Museum
  • -Eighteen more pages on the WWII Memorial
  • Ten Pages on the Korean Memorail
  • Ten Pages on the Vietnam Memorial
  • Two more pages on the Women in Military Service to America Memorial
  • Four more pages on Arlington Cemetery
  • a page on the Navy Museum in the Navy Yard....rarely visited but quite beautiful
  • a page on Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles
I took the opportunity to use all new images and present many images that had never been seen before. The changes are significant enough to label it a completely new book by the Copyright Office.  I've kept the cover because it is iconic Washington.  The back cover was changed for one of my favorite views of the WWII Memorial in the evening.

Amerian Disabled Veterans Memorial below

Taken while the WWII Memorial and the Washington Memorial were under construction

Colonel William Webber of the Korean War Memorial Foundation was able to negotiate permission to finally make some images of the Korean Memorial.  I am very pleased!

Ebooks are available through both Amazon and Apple Formats.  


The books can be found locally at, Eastern National stores at the FDR, Arlington Cemetery store and the Lincoln Memorail.  They are also available Guest Services stores by the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. , I've been using an infrared camera to photograph the Cherry Blossoms and expect to do more this Spring.  In May a new book of postcard on the Cherry Blossoms is due out.  A bit late for this year but the Blossoms are ever in demand in DC!
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