I took up Brian Ziegler and Jody Babler McClain of Badger Honor Flight on their invitation to do a "ride along".  Once at the airport, I had the great pleasure to see and photograph DCA Honor Flight Volunteers Lauren Burycka,Patricia HarrisMaria TemiquelCheryl RickardsNancy Griffith, ready to support the incoming Honor Flight Network hubs.  

20180512-_DSC782420180512-_DSC7824 20180512-_DSC782520180512-_DSC7825

DCA Honor Flight is a dedicated and loving group of people who provide support both at the airport and as guides and volunteers the many incoming flights. Music, patriotism, cute kids...all the things a photographer needs to have an easy day in Paradise! 

20180512-_DSC791520180512-_DSC7915 20180512-_DSC792420180512-_DSC7924 20180512-_DSC792520180512-_DSC7925 20180512-_DSC796420180512-_DSC7964 Oh Lucky Man!Nancy Griffith with her veteran for the day.

20180512-_DSC7901Water cannons salute the incoming Honor Flight

Every Honor Flight hub gets a water cannon salute upon arrival at Reagan, Dulles and BWI Airports.  The waiting band and crowds of excited groups is contagious and I like to photograph the veterans as they come up the ramp.  I believe that most of them are overwhelmed.

Veterans walk the ramp into a sea of fans, signs and music. Veterans walk the ramp into a sea of fans, signs and music. Veterans walk the ramp into a sea of fans, signs and music.


As we left the security area and headed to the buses, there was a long line of well-wishers with signs, handshakes and cheering to get our day going.  A great way to get started!  The buses were near the Western end of the terminal and the view of the Capitol and memorials is a great way to get oriented to the city. 


20180512-_DSC792420180512-_DSC7924 20180512-_DSC798820180512-_DSC7988

_DSC8004_DSC8004 _DSC8000_DSC8000

Carol Coy (above left) retired from American Airlines and continues to organize and supervise Honor Flight arrivals and departures.  Kerem Bilge is a Naval Officer who is also a long-time guide for many of the Honor Flights and it's always nice to have him aboard.

Solving the Traffic ProblemBeretta and gang kept us moving throughout the day. And they kept us parking as well. Fun to watch! _DSC8232_DSC8232

My job is to hang around and take pictures and while I am taking pictures, it is both inevitable and enjoyable (I hope) that we get to know each other. And so I met Cat and Margaret, mother and daughter, who for Mothers Day weekend got together and volunteered with Badger Honor Flight.  That way they got to spend the holiday together productively.  They both said that volunteering gave weight to the Holiday.  Great Stuff! 


As Badger Honor Flight is ably covered by photographer Danni Downing, I have little to do but wander around and fill in the blanks.  And at my age, I always like to feel "close" to the medical team and they were gracious in allowing me to make a few images.  


20180512-_DSC805620180512-_DSC8056 _DSC8014_DSC8014 _DSC8021_DSC8021

No matter what your condition, it seems Honor Flight is able to transport Veterans to see the Memorials. This Vet had been working for two years to get the paperwork for this trip and was determined to go despite the need for his leg to be straight out and elevated.  No man left behind.

Anyway you can!Turns out this veteran didn't mention that his leg had to be straight out and elevated all day. No problem. He apparently spent two years getting the paperwork from the VA that he needed to go on this flight so leg or no, he was determined to go.

On the Way to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 20180512-_DSC8083Father Daughter

Several Honor Flights at one time made for a full crowd at the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Arlington Cemetery.  With us was the Under Secretary of the VA and a one star woman general who was traveling anonymously and enjoying the day with her veteran.  There is plenty of opportunity on these flights to get to know folks and there is a camaraderie that makes for an excellent time.  

Brian and Under Secretary of the VA. Father/Son

20180512-_DSC807720180512-_DSC8077 Jody and Lauren

Veterans and visitors inspect the memorial to the Space Shuttle Challenger located behind the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  

Our next stop was the Lincoln/Vietnam/Korea trio and I headed over to Vietnam to make some images. There were several Honor Flights and one was doing a flag folding ceremony by the three soldiers statue near the Vietnam.  The others were down by the wall visiting with fallen comrades and reviving memories by making etchings of the names inscribed in the stone.



20180512-_DSC822020180512-_DSC8220 20180512-_DSC820820180512-_DSC8208

20180512-_DSC819920180512-_DSC8199 20180512-_DSC819220180512-_DSC8192

20180512-_DSC818520180512-_DSC8185 20180512-_DSC817820180512-_DSC8178

Over at Korea, the nineteen figures made for a stark contrast with the wheelchair bound veterans who were visiting.  I am always moved by these enormous and stark steel figures.


As the afternoon grew hotter, we finally arrived at the WWII Memorial.

_DSC8234_DSC8234 _DSC8236_DSC8236 _DSC8237_DSC8237 _DSC8239_DSC8239 _DSC8244_DSC8244 _DSC8247_DSC8247 _DSC8248_DSC8248 _DSC8249_DSC8249 _DSC8250_DSC8250 _DSC8251_DSC8251 _DSC8252_DSC8252 _DSC8253_DSC8253 _DSC8254_DSC8254 _DSC8255_DSC8255 _DSC8259_DSC8259

9/11 MemorialCoincidentally, there were two family members of victims of the 9/11 attack at the Memorial while we were there. Brian presented Danni Downing with a beautiful campaign coin as a token of her six years of service to Badger.