STEPHEN R. BROWN PHOTOGRAPHY | Moto Photo: The Glen, Williamsport and Lancaster Pa./ Part Two

Moto Photo: The Glen, Williamsport and Lancaster Pa./ Part Two

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On Friday morning , I left Watkins Glen, New York and essentially followed any road that said South and as it turned out Rte 5 was a stroke of luck as it rambled through rural picturesque scenery for about one hundred miles. I carry an iPad Mini as well as a GPS and so am not particularly worried about  riding on a nice roads.  I stop frequently for pictures so always have an opportunity to be within twenty miles of my "true" course.  I got lost on the Blue Ridge Parkway a couple of years ago and was chatting with a Canadian biker who told me that in Canada, "lost" means "visiting."  And so I cam upon Williamsport, Pennsylvania and found both the Little League Hall of Fame and the Transportation Museum neither of which I have the slightest interest in so moving on....


My goal for the evening was Lancaster County, Pennylvania and so I broke my small road rule and got on Rte_______ which allowed me to test out the F800 ST as a long distance touring bike.  In addition to its lightweight 412 pounds, the fuel tank is  below the seat and the wide "Western bars allowed for a smooth and thanks to the 4" bar back relatively upright and civilized ride.  There was quite a bit of traffic and as my riding strategy tends to be "stay ahead of the crowd", the bike did an easy ninety with a bit of wind boas but that's why I ride.   The bike is also outfitted with some stopping Brembo Brakes and in conjunction with the ABS, I found that this machine is a nimble speedster capable of doing miles and miles.  My first inclination was to get rid of the Coo Case sitting on the back of the bike as it makes it look huge.  However, it is the moto equivalent of a convenient trunk and has brake and urn signals that work with the bike's paddles. It also makes you more VISIBLE which is this biker greatest wish.  

II primarily used an IPAD MINI for navigation and while I think it's a bit large to be mounted on the bars, have a tank bag with a map cover which hold the Mini and a map.  Not something you should be consulting while moving!


Lancaster, Pa...

My many photo stops  left me getting into Lancaster County late and I was concerned as the light was getting just right so I quickly checked in and in the next hour managed to get the following pictures.  Some days you eat the bear, some days, he eats you.  I was a pretty happy crittere before I got back to the hotel.


IMG_1882BMW.JPGIMG_1882BMW.JPG   untitled-1930-2BMW.JPGuntitled-1930-2BMW.JPG   IMG_1937BMW.JPGIMG_1937BMW.JPG     untitled-1940untitled-1940




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