We were down to "L'Escargot" yesterday testing the roller furling and setting up camera supports to make the cameras accessible and keep  them dry. Tricky in a sailboat but doable.  Herrington Harbour Marina is beginning to fill up with boats and people.  Tthe boat bum in me is coming out!  Give me a tropical tree and docks full of boats!  The pool is ready for next weekend and I am looking forward to windy days and good sleeping on the boat. As we return to port, we more often than not do a "Marina Cruise" or personal boat show.  

Distinctly tropical..

The Osprey are as bold as I ever seen them.  There is actually a couple with a nest on the West Jetty.  I've never seen Ospreys spend much time in such a vulnerable location and as you can see this fellow on the piling here wasn't flying although we came close.  Good for photography!

Stephen R. Brown PhotoStephen R. Brown Photo

The sailing on the Bay has been extraordinary this Spring with all sorts of watercraft passing through the shipping lane. We have a diesel engine which can be started immediately as there is nothing more terrifying than "five blasts of the horn" from an oncoming ship. This means: "You're totally screwed...Save yourself because we think we're going to hit you!"  After thirty years, I still treat the channel crossing with caution as you only have eighteen minutes to position yourself before these large vessels are on you.  The Channel runs zigzag just around the Southern end of Tilghman Island so it's difficult at times to see whether you are safe. And that is why God invented the telephoto lens! 

Stephen R. Brown PhotoStephen R. Brown Photo

Looked like practice for the Herrington Harbor Sailing Association...keeping it trim.  They had quite a few boats out this weekend.




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